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I take pride in exposing our girls to new art installations, challenging parks and play spaces as well as taking them on trips and enjoying local festivals. I grow bored easily, so I aim to switch up our schedule to include new activities and unseen places.

I am life-long chocoholic with an affinity for all-things sweet yet I’m passionate about instilling a natural love of nutrition, balance, and healthy meals in my two littles. Because memories are priceless, traveling remains high on our priority list. Visiting new places enriches our souls and increases our confidence because these adventures encourage us to tap into our senses while exploring interests and abilities. As result, any obstacle is seen as conquerable as long as we approach with relentless willpower!

A little about my littles:


Parker is three years old, and she just started Pre-K 3 full-time. She is precocious and talkative with a love for ballet. Parker captured the hearts of many, earlier this year, when a photo of her, awestruck by a portrait of Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery, went viral. Who would have known that one unique photo would lead to the incredible opportunity to meet Michelle Obama and have a priceless dance party together. What a special moment! Parker later appeared on The Ellen Show, and continues to shine in her own right without knowing the magnitude of her sweet smile and spirit.

Ava is 19 months younger than Parker, and she is certainly picking up on life much faster than her sister; however, she has a great example in Parker which has helped her reach speaking, motor, and artistic milestones at a young age. I’m amazed by her courage and inspired by her ferocity. Ava absolutely loves music and dancing, eating good food, being in the water and, of course, her sister. I could not be more excited to see her grow and shine with each passing day. 

Family is everything, and we view each moment as an opportunity to grow together, learn together, and explore together, three acts of life we certainly do not take for granted. Follow our tribe as we share the people, places, and things that make us happy.

With love, 



Blogger’s Note: Jessica is a New York Times published author and writer. Her blog, Happy Mama, Happy Babies, has been mentioned in The Washington Post, The Grio, Heavy, UK Dail Mail, ESPN the Undefeated, Daily Mail UK, and on Emmy® award winning talk show The Real by Tamera Mowry-Housley. Jessica and her family have received media attention from every major broadcast network and numerous international media outlets, further inspiring Jessica to share candid, honest moments and memories of her family with the masses.

Hi there! I’m so happy to welcome you to our space.

My name is Jessica, and I am a married, stay-at-home and work-at-home, millennial mom with two young girls who are my world. My daughters have completely redefined (and challenged) my understanding of happiness. I have experienced more joy in the last three years of life as a Mother than in my entire life, and I am eternally grateful for this special, unmatched feeling. Our lives are busy, to say the least. Between blogging, and managing two small businesses with my Husband, we choose to make happiness and our family the number one priority in everything we do.

This blog was birthed after lots of encouragement from my super dope tribe of mamas and friends, people who encourage me to be more, do more, and love more. I wanted to create a virtual place for other parents, Mamas in particular, to share the activities we do, the memories we make, and the places we see in hopes to inspire others to think outside of the box and take their children to explore new places and enjoy different activities.

We live in a great big world. Why not explore it together, right? 

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