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Celebrate Chinese New Year

Parker is fortunate to be learning to speak Mandarin Chinese which is the most spoken languge in the world. We love that her school is, not only teaching the language, but also exposing the children to the Chinese culture and customs. The Chinese New Year is a very exciting time of year at her school and we are enjoying learning about the holiday and the traditions. There are many local events to attend in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Details on local events and celebrations are at the bottom of this post.

Chinese New Year celebrates the start of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. The holiday is also referred to as Spring Festival and is one of many Lunar New Years celebrated in Asia. The New Year is the most important holiday in China and is associated with several myths and customs. This year, 2019, is the Year of the Pig, who is thought of as easygoing and fortunate.

Here are some Chinese phrases to teach your little ones...

新年快乐!xīn nián kuài lè (Happy New Year)

猪年大吉!zhū nián dà jí (Good Luck in the Year of Pig)

The color red is commonly worn throughout Chinese New Year celebrations. The traditional belief is that red scares away evil spirits and bad fortune. The wearing of new clothes is another clothing custom during the festival. New clothes symbolize a new beginning in the year.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Washington, D.C.

Virginia & Maryland


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