Baby Book Nook: Before + After

Every baby room, nursery, or corner in the master dedicated to the baby needs a book nook. I loved our first baby nursery so much! I still swoon over the pictures to this day. It was my Pinterest dreams come true minus the uber small square footage. And when I say small, I mean teeny tiny! This book nook was my favorite corner of her little nursery, and it was so simple to create. I transformed what was essentially dead space in this corner of her room and created a colorful, stylish, and inexpensive book nook with some of her very first books. The framed artwork is original art I created when I was a little girl and could be found all over Parker's nursery. Continue reading for all the details on how to re-create this nursery book nook!

To create the kid-like framed artwork, you can use some of your own artwork (that is, if your mama hoarded artwork from your childhood). Or you can create original artwork, use artwork of a younger family member, or purchase an art print that looks like it was created by a child. For the artwork framing, I used a simple and inexpensive white RIBBA frame from Ikea.

Since the nursery was super small, I did not want to waste any space on a bookshelf. So, the invisible floating shelves were the perfect solution! I recommend one of the heavy-duty or thicker lucite shelf options because board books can be heavier than standard picture books. I have decorated all my littles' rooms with these invisible shelves, and I included a few options that I recommend below.

I hope your baby's space is full of books, and if you can't accommodate a baby library yet, find a few of your favorite books and place them nearby or in a basket for easy access. If you need any suggestions on your baby's first books, read my blog entry, Guide to Baby's First Ten Books.