Christmas Eve at The Four Seasons: Brunch and Letters to Santa

Christmas Eve was chilly but definitely warmer than usual and fell on a Sunday this year. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve church service at Reid Temple and then headed to Georgetown for brunch at Seasons in The Four Seasons Hotel. Seasons is generally fully committed weeks in advance for Sunday brunch and holidays but I finagled a reservation through the OpenTable app and then called the hotel directly to confirm. Brunch at the Four Seasons never disappoints and Christmas Eve Brunch was no exception. 

I love brunch at the Four Seasons for multiple reasons. I started bringing the girls here when they were both very little (just weeks old... Mama gotta eat, right?) and the staff is always super attentive, thoughtful and helpful when it comes to accommodating children. The highchairs are new and always spotless (I’m slightly OCD), kid-friendly utensils are provided, and they always have kids cups with tops and ‘bendy’ (is that a word? LOL) straws. Furthermore, children’s portions are available for most menu items and they’re always willing to modify or provide dishes à la carte to satisfy the little ones. 

The Four Seasons Christmas Eve brunch took kid-friendly and family-friendly to the next level. Our table was ready upon arrival with place settings for all the little ones. Don’t be late here as they have a hard time being flexible on days they’re fully committed. Beyond the excellent food (the truffle macaroni and cheese and lamb chops were perfect FYI), bottomless mimosas and coffee, and excellent service, there was a photo booth and an extra special area just for the kids and little ones. The kids corner featured children’s entrees, beverages, snacks, and a special station to write personalized letters to Santa. 

There was also a mailbox for the children to send off their letters to the North Pole! *insert heart eyes emoji* How sweet! The girls loved it and it was a nice way to allow them some free time away from the table to play and stretch their legs. Even though I’m a regular who will always recommend Seasons for breakfast and brunch on any day or weekend, this particular visit surpassed my expectations and it was a great way to catch up with one of my dearest Mommy-sister-friends [and start a new tradition?]. Parker and her bestie ran back and forth gleefully in the lobby after brunch because #TeamNoNap. Hahaha! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Wishing you all the happiness in the world from our happy little family to yours.