Daddy-Daughter Dance at Reid Temple A.M.E.

We are members of Reid Temple A.M.E. Church, which happens to be a church with three locations – Glenn Dale, Silver Spring, and our newest location which worships at New Bethany Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. I've been a member since before I was a mother or a wife. In fact, I grew up in the church, and we are also raising our girls in the church. Our church family is like none other. Both of our daughters were baptized by Reverend Watley when they were babies, and Reid Temple has been an amazing source of strength and peace in our lives. If you are reading this, and you do not have a church home, I encourage you to visit Reid Temple A.M.E. Church.

The men's ministry of Reid Temple A.M.E. Church hosts an annual daddy-daughter dance, and this year’s dance certainly did not disappoint! Dads and daughters of all ages joined at the Marriott Conference Center in College Park for an evening of fellowship, fun, and dancing. I was thrilled that Marquis was so excited to take Parker. He wanted to take both girls but Ava can be a wild one so I suggested he just take Parker.

About a week before the event, Parker and I went shopping for a white dress. She loves dresses now, by the way, and she found one that she liked. Every day, before the event, she excitedly asked, "Is it time for the daddy-daughter dance yet? I really want to wear my pretty white dress!"

I mean, come on. So cute!

She was eager to hang out with just Daddy for an evening, and I loved that he kept referring to it as their "date night." I was kind of jealous! hee hee.

On the night of the dance, Daddies and daughters danced the night away, but first, they enjoyed prayer and a kid-friendly dinner. This event promoted fun, faith, family, and love, and I cannot think of a better way for my little to enjoy a night to remember with her favorite fella, her father.

I'm so grateful to be a member of a church that constantly reinforces the values that we believe should be instilled in children. Faith, joy, healthy relationships, and positive behaviors are commonly shared and discussed, and, thankfully, my littles walk away with valuable lessons to have for a lifetime.  

My girls have an amazing father who is selfless, hardworking, and dedicated to doing whatever is needed for their happiness and the betterment of our family. Furthermore, he is adamant about raising queens who are self-confident, aware of their worth, and have had a outstanding example of how women should be treated as he shows me and our littles, day in and day out, what it means to be a strong, loving, incredible man.

Thank you, Reid Temple A.M.E. Church, for a lovely, joyous evening that my husband and our daughter will remember for years to come!