Happy Halloween

This year, for Halloween, Parker was adamant that she wanted to be our former [and forever] First Lady Michelle Obama. With the help of Alisha Welsh of Magnolia Lake Children's Clothing, Parker donned her very own mini Milly dress, identical to the one Mrs. Obama wore in her official portrait by artist Amy Sherald

Welsh, the designer of Parker's mini Milly dress, said, "Seeing Parker looking at Michelle's portrait was when I knew I had to make these [dresses] for little girls." She also shared with us that she hopes this will "change the way moms and kids dress from now on. Dress as your icon, dress after someone you know and respect and who has changed the country just as our [former] First Lady."

Thank you again to Alisha of Magnolia Lake who made my little girl's dream of being her role model, Mrs. Michelle Obama, come true!

To learn more about the dress by Magnolia Lake, you can visit their site here