Learning and Exploring at The Georgia Aquarium

I’ve wanted to visit the Georgia Aquarium long before I had babies. For years, I’ve heard and read phenomenal reviews about this place, and all of its wonder, and I mentally added this aquarium to my travel bucket list! Well, my littles have been to Atlanta a handful of times, yet we’ve never had the opportunity to visit the world-renowned Georgia Aquarium. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to squeeze in a trip to the Aquarium during Mother’s Day weekend, and I’m so happy we did because the aquarium did not disappoint! 

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums, and we were able to see everything from belugas and whale sharks to puffins and penguins. Our up-close-and-personal look at marine life was incredible! We enjoyed a “Behind the Seas” tour which gave us an exclusive look into galleries and habitats inside of the aquarium. The girls were enamored by the array of fish and sea life! We also checked out the incredible dolphin presentation which highlighted the unparalleled grace and intelligence of these wonderful marine mammals. That was a personal favorite! The aquarium also has a relaxing 4D “Funbelievable” Theater where you can experience the underwater world from the animals’ point of view. The theater has interactive seats and incredible special effects. The aquarium offers multiple shows per day, too!

I understand that many people have reservations about zoos and aquariums, but something important I would like to share that some may not know is that the Georgia Aquarium is committed to inspiring awareness and preservation of our ocean and aquatic animals. This facility does a fantastic job of educating as well as entertaining, promoting the conservation of aquatic biodiversity. In fact, they are a leader in aquatic research and animal care, continually dedicated to fostering an appreciation of nature and the respective animals that call the water their home.

Thanks to the Georgia Aquarium and its wonderful staff and exciting exhibits, we left with a wealth of knowledge about marine life. That may have been our first trip to the Georgia Aquarium, but it certainly will not be our last!