On Parker's Plate - Baby-Friendly Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and although most of us mamas tend to skip it, that's not an option for our littles. As parents, we should try to prepare breakfast for our littles and ourselves to ensure that our bodies get the fuel needed to get through the day and model healthy eating habits. I don't make it a priority to make myself breakfast every single day but the girls and baby boy always start the day with a well-balanced, nutritious meal.

Oatmeal is a staple in our household, and I’m grateful all three of my littles enjoy oatmeal as much as I do. While steel-cut oats are the holy grail of oatmeal, a mama with three little ones doesn’t always have the time or patience, so I often opt for the Whole Foods 365 Organic Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats or 365 Organic Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack when I’m super short on time. Oatmeal has high amounts of iron, fiber, magnesium, and zinc, essential to a baby’s growth and development. Oatmeal is also gentle on digestion, provides a great way to introduce textures, and transition to solid foods. Oatmeal pairs well with a variety of fruit, and as our baby gets older (he’s 19 months), I’m experimenting with how I cut fruit. If you haven’t tried oatmeal with your littles, I recommend giving it a try. Don’t be afraid to add some flaxseed for the added nutritional value, or add some blueberries for organic sweetness!

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