Our Mayor is a Mama

(Photo by Khalid Naji-Allah)

Our Mayor of the District of Columbia, the single most powerful city in our country, is a new mama! Congratulations, Mayor Muriel Bowser, on your sweet blessing! 

I’m feeling ecstatic for Mayor Bowser and equally excited for her precious baby who will be raised by an incredible woman who was wildly underestimated and boldly made history, and continues to make history, as part of the growing number of single women in public office. Her joyful nature, sharp wit, and unparalleled strength are just a few of her wonderful qualities, truly making her a fabulous addition to the wonderful world of mamas. Mayor Bowser continues to shatter expectations of what the face of politics should look like, rewriting the narrative of women in politics. Not only does she face the same challenges that mothers face on a daily basis, but she is also the mayor of the most powerful city in America. To take on such a lofty, community-altering role such as Mayor of D.C., as well as being a full-time mother, requires immense courage and resiliency, and I’m incredibly proud to have Muriel Bowser represent the District of Columbia. In fact, Mayor Bowser is proof that women do not have to choose children over a career anymore. Not only is she the face of D.C., but she is a shining example of the surge of powerful women balancing their personal and professional dreams. “I decided to start the adoption journey, just knowing that it was a great time in my life and I had so much to share with a baby,” she said. “When you sit in the seat that I’m in, you’re used to being able to make things happen, and babies have a way of letting you know that they’re in control.” – Mayor Muriel Bowser

Mayor Bowser is extremely private about her personal life, and yet she continues to face unfair scrutiny as people continue to weight in on her life and respective decisions. I pray she is able to rightfully protect her baby’s privacy, as all of us mothers strive to keep our littles’ lives protected. Hopefully, baby Bowser will get the privacy we’ve not had in recent months (kidding, guys. Totally kidding). Whether a woman adopts or gives birth, the challenges and joys of motherhood remain the same. I deeply admire Mayor Bowser for adopting. She has lovingly taken on a special set of challenges as the mother to an adoptee, yet she continues to defy expectations in her professional life by upholding the sacred role of mother while in office. Talk about a sHERO!

We took Mayor Bowser a gift from Dawn Price Baby, one of our favorite baby and children’s boutiques. My littles and I found an adorable, yet totally fitting onesie that reads “Future President.” My favorite present, however, was a gift that Parker handpicked from her own toy collection – a bumble rattle that was hers as a baby. Parker insisted Baby Bowser needed something that was hers. This melted my heart, and I loved her sweet gesture for our Mayor’s sweet baby.

I hope Mayor Bowser makes time for herself, although I imagine her solo time is undeniably scarce. A happy mama makes for a happy baby, and both she and her little deserve all the happiness in the world. I also hope she is able to receive the love and support from her mama friends. I mean, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve called my friends to discuss baby food recipes, sleep patterns, and Lord knows what else. Support and uplift – that is what we must do for our fellow mamas. After all, Mayor Bowser supports and uplifts us all on a daily basis. She gracefully and powerfully uses her position of influence and responsibility to make this world a better place, despite the everyday challenges of being a woman of color in a public position. Welcome to motherhood, Mayor Bowser! You are welcomed with open arms (and lots of wipes, diapers, and burp cloths).