Parker's Book Club -

(Library of Congress Young Readers Center)

Books serve many purposes – to educate, entertain, comfort, and uplift. We love reading, and books play a major role in our home, especially with Parker. Parker loves to read, and she finds great joy in discovering new books for us to share together. From the colorful illustrations to the different characters to the new words to the overall messages each book offers, Parker finds new reasons to fall in love with reading, every day.

(Georgetown Neighborhood Library)

Before Parker was born, I filled her room with books. In fact, I bought her books on a daily basis in hopes she would love words as much as I do, and she certainly does. We read, daily, In fact, we often read several times a day, and reading has become one of Parker’s favorite pastimes. We feel particularly excited when new books arrive in the mail each month from the “Books from Birth” program (sponsored by DCPL and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library). Our children have been receiving books every month since they were born and will continue to receive books until they reach the age of five (for free, too!)

Parker’s Book Club seeks to encourage other parents to read to their children, especially books they have yet to explore. Several times a month, you can reference this space to discover new books and personal favorites we enjoy re-discovering together, too.

(The Bookshelf at Nook)

Oh, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ParkersBookClub when you read one of our recommended texts! We look forward to featuring you and your little on our Instagram story!

Do you have recommendations for Parker’s Book Club? Send those our way so we can read and review your latest read!

Happy reading!