Parker’s Book Club - "The Library Book" by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark

As my littles and I make our way through new books and experience new library adventures, we often come across amazing reads that we enjoy together, and The Library Book was certainly no exception!

Parker was super excited to read it, and I loved seeing the cover of the cute little brown girl with her curly fro. Her adorable button nose, little smile, and big hair remind me of Parker! Representation is vital, and I truly appreciate this book for its illustrations and message.

(The Library Book/Simon & Schuster)

We visit the library, weekly, so Parker was certainly into this book’s storyline of the little girl going to the library. Parker pointed out that the little girl was wearing a rain jacket and rain boots to go to the library. For obvious reasons, she was tickled to death by this! As we read this book, I kept finding new reasons to appreciate it, especially because my daughter was so entertained by its details!

(The Library Book/Simon & Schuster)

Parker loved participating while I read, and she recognized familiar characters from other stories – Madeline, Barbar, and Curious George. She also enjoyed saying the phrase repeated in the story: “Check it in, check it out.” The Library Book is based upon a song, and this line is part of the chorus.

In addition to the lovely illustrations and the adorable chorus, I love that this book encourages reading and exploring the library, encouraging my littles to meet new characters, check out books, and so forth. Above all, I love that Parker can see someone like her who also loves the library.

(The Library Book/Simon & Schuster)

The catchy song is perfect for keeping littles engaged, although Ava was totally uninterested today. You win some, you lose some, right? Of course, when we were done, Parker’s first question was, “When are we going back to the library?” The Library Book is definitely going to be reread in our (immediate) futures!