Play at Nook

I often read comments on my blog and social media accounts from parents wishing they had access to more places for their children to learn and grow, outside of their school and home environment, places they wish their children could attend on any given day to encourage their development and promote fun and safety. As I read these comments, I sympathize with fellow parents and their desire for more celebratory spaces in their neighborhood, yet I feel incredibly grateful to have access to an amazing space, if not the most amazing space, in my very own area. Thankfully, we have Nook

My littles happily frequent Nook, a play and learning space for the modern family that celebrates, values, and supports our entire family throughout the extraordinary phases of our children’s lives. Nook means the world to my babies, and if you multiply that love by ten, you will inch a bit closer to my adoration for this incredible space! Nook is located in Fairfax, Virginia, and is managed by two incredible individuals – a mother of three (Maria) and a mother of two with one on the way (Sy) – women who seek to uphold Nook’s mission is to provide a space and community where children and their parents not only survive but thrive in their special, respective phase of life. Nook is void of overstimulating elements of traditional children’s spaces and, instead, provides a tranquil backdrop promoting quality engagement among parents and their children. *happy sigh* Nook just oozes with love and learning, and I’m truly in blissful disbelief that we live in close proximity to such a place!

So, what is Nook, exactly?

Nook offers a sensory-friendly space that promotes creativity, imagination, and independence, and their play-based learning space is adorably divided into several different “nooks”, each with its own play theme such as art, building, imaginary, and sensory, all of which change throughout the year so children are continually introduced to new concepts and activities. As if Nook wasn’t already amazing enough, this heaven-sent space also offers parent-focused workshops and classes. From birthing class to potty training and playful parenting, Nook celebrates each parent’s development with a judgment-free approach that keeps me coming back, week after week. Every parent could use an informative, welcoming space with an inclusive approach, and I’m grateful beyond words that Nook is my happy place (and my daughters’, too!)

Children ages 0 to 5, and their parents, can enjoy this special community. My littles and I have happily taken part in events such as Mornings with Mozart and Artful Happy Hour, both activities which put a modern spin on traditional family programming, and if you know me and my littles, you know we like to keep things new, fresh, and fun! Nook Mosaic is currently featuring three "nooks" sponsored by Bravery Magazine, Milton & Goose, and Tegu

Maria and Sy, thank you for creating a space that truly allows me to cherish the ever-changing phases in my daughters’ lives. Thank you for recognizing that parents are people, too, and I appreciate your desire to want us to thrive as a whole. You have truly contributed to my growth and my daughters’ growth, too.

Mamas and Papas, if you’re in the DMV, you must check out Nook with your littles! I can only imagine how quickly you (and your kiddies) will fall in love with this fantastic place!  

Special thanks to Jen Eun of Eun Creative for all of the amazing photos. Check out Nook on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more information.