Summer Ballet Camp at Ballet Petite

This summer, I experienced a rather significant change at home – Parker attended her first summer camp… ever! This was the first time she was away from Ava and I, and while we certainly missed Parker’s vivacious presence, she had an absolute blast! Parker attended the ballet summer camp at Ballet Petite in their McLean Studios, Monday through Friday (9 to 3), for three to six-year-old ballerinas-in-the-making. Parker was especially excited because this camp had a special theme – Frozen. The Frozen theme was a big hit with Parker and her camp pals. Anybody else know every single word of "Let It Go"?

Parker has never been to daycare or preschool, so I was anxious for her all-day camp excursion, but I definitely wanted to test the waters since she is attending school, full-time, in the fall. I’m glad I took the chance because I realized how much preparatory work goes into school days and nights. Parker was immediately introduced to a solid routine – waking up early, being on time, and taking a packed lunch. There was no nap time like traditional preschool, so she napped after camp.

I also learned something about my psyche, too. Although I was nervous about letting Parker go, literally and figuratively, she was totally ready and super excited about an all-day summer camp. Parker lives for ballet, so perhaps that was a huge factor in her willingness to attend every day.

I appreciated that the summer camp group was relatively small, about ten girls, and they had one ballet instructor who was absolutely delightful. Truth be told, we expect nothing less from Ballet Petite, which is why we chose this camp. The programs are fantastic, the instructors are fabulous, and everything is run unbelievably smoothly. Parker’s friend, Kenley (aka Lady Fleming) was in her camp as well! Shoutout to my mommy friend and DC Moms Blog contributing writer, Kathy Fleming. Oh, and Parker’s bestie, Gia, joined her for half of the week, too! Total success!

Every day was filled with wonderful crafts and dance lessons, and Parker experienced a fancy tea party and an etiquette lesson, too. Upon the conclusion of the dance camp, they performed in beautiful costumes, costumes they designed! I would absolutely recommend this camp to other Mamas and their littles who love ballet and also to SAHMs whose kids are going to school for the first time and want a taste of what school life is like.

We are already looking forward to next year’s ballet camp at Ballet Petite!