The New Year is Here!

Happy New Year, everybody!

Wow! Time flies, and here we are with 12 new chapters and 365 new pages. 2018 afforded our family a year of unforgettable highs, moments we will never forget, and several teachable moments, too. You know what they say, though – “Without the bitter, the sweet isn’t so sweet.” We serve a gracious God who sees us through, and I’m super excited to enter 2019 with my wonderful husband and sweet little ladies. Our family has some incredible plans for 2019, plans we are humbled to reveal soon. In the meantime, we're enjoying the moment and making lasting memories together.

A New Year’s post in the third week of January is a bit unorthodox, I know, but with good reason! This post is not exactly on time, nor have I posted on social media or the blog because, well, we are expecting another little one this summer!

Our family is growing!

I experienced a rough first trimester, and my intense morning sickness put me back a bit regarding blogging goals... actually, more than a bit, if I'm completely honest. I've had some challenging pregnancies, but I'm hopeful this one will be smoother now that the second trimester is here. 

With my first two pregnancies, I quickly realized that material regarding pregnancy-related health struggles were scarce, so my hope is to encourage those who are challenged with pregnancy or having a hard time getting through pregnancy. At the end of the day, all mamas know that the journey is completely worth it.

I’m thrilled to share this exciting news with you, and I’m looking forward to opening up about the next six months of my pregnancy! Cheers to a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! Thank you for following our journey and being part of our tribe.